Why Theatre?

I’m not sure why I’m so crazy about theatre. Yes, I was taken to the theatre as a child, though I think I saw more musicals than plays – perhaps that was my mother’s compromise with us kids as she loves opera. I’m certainly thankful to my parents now for instilling in me a passion for theatre which has, I assume, simply been lying dormant for the best part of twenty years.

Looking back, I think it was Phyllida Lloyd’s 2005 production of Mary Stuart at the Donmar Warehouse that sparked something, and I remember being completely in thrall to the two powerful performances given by Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer and, for the first time, completely forgetting where I was and not wanting it to end.

Now I go to the theatre at least once a week (the most I’ve ever managed is four). I rarely visit the West End theatres (too expensive) and I still find Shakespeare difficult, but I’m trying. My friends and family were telling me for ages that I should start blogging about the theatre, but I kept putting it off as I haven’t ever studied theatre or theatre criticism. In 2013 I finally decided that I’d like to give it a go nonetheless, and managed to blog regularly for the first six months of the year. I hope that, in 2014, I’ll manage the full twelve months . . .


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