The Little Book of Lunch

Little Book of Lunch

Last week I went to the launch party for The Little Book of Lunch, published on 16th January. I must admit to being biased, as the authors are friends of mine, but it really is the perfect post-Christmas cookery book. It’s packed full of delicious recipes that are quick to prepare, are healthy and won’t break the bank – exactly what we need as we return to the office carrying extra pounds on our hips and less in our wallets.

Authors Sophie Missing and Caroline Craig have thought of everything, from tips on how best to transport your lunch to work, how to transform your standard sandwich into a gourmet version, and what to stock your cupboards with if you’re vegetarian, trying to eat healthily or if you just want to make something in two minutes that tastes as though it took two hours to prepare.

Another thing I love about The Little Book of Lunch are the frequent references to children’s literature that form the inspiration behind many of the dishes – think Winnie the Pooh, Enid Blyton and Mary Poppins.

You can follow the fabulous writers Sophie Missing and Caroline Craig on Twitter, and check out their Tumblr here for beautiful photos, general food porn and further inspiration for your office packed lunch. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the book from your local independent bookshop.


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  1. I love the references to children’s literature in this book! As someone with a literary blog, I think the classics of kid’s lit should always be remembered, well into adulthood. Fun read!

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