Breakfast at Caravan King’s Cross


I have been to Caravan many times for lunch and dinner – it’s a great spot for ordering lots of different plates to share, if rather noisy – but never for breakfast. So, when I had to pick somewhere near Euston for a quick, hopefully delicious, breakfast with a friend on a flying visit to London, I was fairly certain Caravan would be a safe spot, and it would give me the opportunity to try the remaining section of the menu!

Arriving at 8.15 on a Thursday morning, understandably the restaurant was rather empty – there may have been one, or perhaps two, other tables in use – but it was buzzing by the time we left at 9.30. We sat in the corner so neither of us had to sit on a chair – much more comfortable on the banquettes with cushions! – and quickly put in an order for a coffee with an extra shot (my friend) and an English breakfast tea (me). It’s slightly frustrating not liking coffee, as I rarely find that tea I drink out is ever as good (read strong) as that which I make at home with standard teabags; invariably it becomes rather weak and watery with the addition of milk, as was the case here. But perhaps it’s harsh to complain about the quality of the tea . . .

There were lots of delicious items on the menu – and I do want to go back to try the sweet options (coconut bread or pancakes were on offer on this occasion), but we both ended up taking the savoury route. I ordered the avocado and chilli on sourdough, with a side of roasted tomatoes:

Avocado Toast

The avocado was creamy and perfectly ripe, but I couldn’t taste much chilli (though I do like my food quite spicy). I would recommend the roasted tomatoes as an addition, as they provided a lovely tart and slightly acidic contrast to the rich avocado.

My friend ordered the courgette fritters, which came with feta, rocket and (I think) a tomato compote (though it might have been a chilli jam):

Courgette Fritters

Perhaps not the best-looking fritters, though it is hard to make them look as delicious as they often taste, and I was informed that these were excellent.

Service was friendly, quick and attentive without being intrusive. Drinks and food arrived in good time and the bill was brought as soon as we asked for it (always a good sign in my book). I would definitely recommend Caravan for food – and the space is pretty fun, too – but I’m still on the hunt for a great cup of tea to go with my breakfast.


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