What’s Been On My Mind This Week


1. Marks & Spencer unveiled it’s new advertising campaign. Entitled ‘Leading Ladies’, it features women including Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox. Emma Thompson can do no wrong in my eyes (and see this great article about her in Stylist), and looks like she’s taking the whole thing with a huge pinch of salt. The rest of the women, on the other hand . . .

2. As if we didn’t know, diversity in the workplace actually benefits the company. There was an interesting article about this in the Washington Post this week. The article also talks about the benefit of having a high number of female employees.

3. I’m delighted to see my alma mater, Somerville College, Oxford, in the final of University Challenge, but distressed that neither Somerville nor the opposition (Trinity College, Cambridge) have a woman on their team.

4. There was an interesting article in the Guardian today about the lack of diversity in animated films.

5. The tenth series of MasterChef has just started on BBC1. It’s amazing it’s still airing and still so popular; our appetite for culinary programmes on television shows no sign of waning any time soon.

6. I’ve been watching the fifth series of The Good Wife, currently airing on Channel 4. It’s still brilliant even after five years, with fast-paced, intelligent writing and a wonderful leading performance from Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick. I just wish Stockard Channing (who play’s Alicia’s mother) appeared more often. If the show’s creators could also find a recurring role for Holland Taylor, that would be great.

7. I had lunch on Saturday at Jakob’s, a little Middle Eastern café on Gloucester Road. I must have walked past it dozens of times over the years but never been in. Well, I’ll certainly be going back soon. It has the most amazing array of salads behind the counter, inviting you to pile your plate high, and the smell of fresh bread which is baked on the premises throughout the day is amazing.

8. Oxford won this year’s Boat Race. Having studied at Oxford, and having been a rower, this was definitely a cause for celebration. Though it would have been an even better race had the Dark Blues not won after one of the Cambridge oarsmen caught a crab.

9. I read Geraldine Brooks’s novel Year of Wonders. Brooks’s debut novel, it’s an absolute tour de force, telling the story of the Plague-ridden village of Eyam in 1666 through the eyes of housemaid Anna Frith.

10. I’ve been listening to Wallis Bird‘s brilliant new album Architect.


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