What’s Been On My Mind This Week

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1. It’s not a new article, but the great website For Books’ Sake – it promotes and celebrates writing by women – has a list of their top fifty influential women writers. It’s a reaction to the many lists that appear every year which are usually heavily dominated by men.

2. One of the journalists at the Telegraph’s ‘Wonder Women’ desk wrote about an allegedly sexist incident that took place in top London restaurant Sushi Samba last week. You can read her article here, and make up your own mind about the doorman’s actions. I also recommend reading this response in the Spectator.

3. Those of you who read my ‘What’s On My Mind’ piece regularly will notice that I have a strong interest in American politics, particularly the Presidential elections. Doubtless this springs from my oft-mentioned love of The West Wing. This week I read an interesting article in the New Republic about the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and whether he might throw his hat into the ring against – we all assume – Hillary Clinton.

4. More American States are legalising equal marriage. Just this week Oregon and Pennysylvania both deemed the marriage ban unconstitutional. More in the Guardian here.

5. The museum at the 9/11 memorial site in New York has finally opened. There were reports of some outrage when it was discovered that the museum has a gift shop. However, as Think Progress points out, there are plenty of museums that commemorate atrocities and tragedies that also have gift shops.

6. More on America, and more on Jill Abramson’s firing this week. A very interesting article, again in the New Republic, on Abramson, Clinton, sexism and gender politics in America.

7. Moving to Europe now, seeing as we just voted in the European elections, where UKIP performed terrifyingly well. Yet this article interested me because it is Europe seen from an American perspective; it’s sometimes good to have a little distance.

8. I’ve mentioned this before as well, but there has been another flurry of articles in the arts columns of the British press this week about the amount of violence on television. I haven’t seen the American drama Hannibal, which screens here on Sky, nor have I seen or read Game of Thrones, which are the programmes this article in the Independent focusses on as it claims that we now demand more and more violence in order to be entertained. It was interesting, however, to then read this piece, also in the Independent, arguing that it’s women who make up the majority of viewers of these blood-and-gore spattered shows.

9. Just today I finished A Lovely Way To Burn by Scottish writer Louise Welsh. It’s the first in a new trilogy (the ‘Plague Times’) in which an epidemic called ‘The Sweats’ is sweeping the globe. Stevie (Stephanie) Flint appears to be immune, but has more pressing things on her mind, like finding out who murdered her boyfriend… It’s a really gripping thriller and I’m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

10. This week I’ve been listening to Heather Peace‘s forthcoming album The Thin Line, because I interviewed Heather for Polari magazine. It’s a mix of big anthems and pop ballads with some rather dark lyrics about troubled and abusive relationships.


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  1. That article by Lara Prendergast in the Spectator is shocking!

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