What’s Been On My Mind This Week

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1. Let’s start with sex, sexuality, gender and relationships this week. If you read this blog/my writing regularly, you’ll know these are questions I think about a lot. A friend of mine wrote this article in the New Statesman about modern relationships, and I particularly like what she has to say about friendship; I definitely think it’s true that friendship has the potential to be the most meaningful of relationships, and that we don’t currently have a vocabulary that adequately expresses the many different types of friendship (and relationships).

2. Transgender politics is at a tipping point in the United States at the moment (as heralded by the TIME magazine cover that recently featured Laverne Cox). This week the New Yorker ran this feature on what it called the dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism. However, I recommend you also read this response in Autostraddle, which highlights the problems with the piece in the New Yorker.

3. Also speaking of women and gender politics, I came across this article from a couple of weeks ago which looks at whether radical feminist bell hooks was right to call Beyonce a terrorist.

4. Moving on to politics now, and I read this piece in Politico about the rise of the left in the Democratic Party.

5. There was also this article in the Financial Times arguing that another Clinton presidency would not be good for the country.

6. The Amazon-Hachette dispute continues, and there was a particularly good article here about exactly what’s at stake for everyone involved, including authors.

7. There was this brilliant, moving first-person feature written by a father who’s son has Down’s Syndrome and his struggles to help him find a job.

8. For something a bit more frivolous, I read this article about the death of the romantic comedy. Though not being a particular fan of the genre, I can’t say I would miss it…

9. This week I’ve been reading Any Other Mouth by Anneliese Mackintosh. It’s a series of linked, semi-autobiographical short stories, which read like a novel in some respects. I devoured it in one gulp while on the long train journey from London to Edinburgh and highly recommend it. It’s not easy reading – some of the stories are quite harrowing – but it’s worth it.

10. Finally, after seeing them play live at the Secret Garden Party last weekend, this week I’ve really been enjoying listening to English folk/electronica band, Tunng.


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