Interview with Ben Ockrent


Last week I interviewed the writer Ben Ockrent about his new play, Breeders. We met at the Kennington Park Café during a break in rehearsals and spoke about the genesis of the play – a comedy based on a lesbian couple trying to conceive a child, something inspired by Ben’s own experience, as his best friend once asked him if he would donate his sperm so she and her partner could start a family. We also spoke about modern families and the choices available to us, about how much the play has changed during rehearsal (and what that experience was like for Ben) and the state of British theatre today in the face of severe loss of funding.

You can read the full interview with Ben in Polari magazine here.

Breeders opens at the St James Theatre on 3rd September, and runs until 4th October. You can book tickets on the website here.


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  1. Good stuff – excellent article and great photo of Ben.


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