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Given that I’ve spent much of the past week in a windmill in Devon with no internet access and no mobile phone reception, this is a slightly different post from the usual ones in this series.

My girlfriend and I stayed at Longbarrow Windmill, which is a few miles inland from the sea at Torquay. You can find out much more about the windmill and its location via the website, here, but it’s set in its own five acre field, in the middle of the hills, perfect for walking from village to village and stopping in pubs along the way.

There’s one room on each floor, and the views from the very top (the Miller’s Eye) are incredible:

Windmill View

The windmill itself, which is around two hundred years old, has been beautifully restored:


There is lots of windmill history, photos documenting the restoration project and windmill decorations inside the windmill, on shelves and in little nooks and crannies built into the walls:

Windmill Decorations

Of course, it stands out against the skyline and so provides a very handy reference point when you’re out walking:

Windmill Skyline

The owners, Vince and Sue, will greet you with their own homemade marmalade, freshly baked bread and eggs from their own chickens, which make for delicious breakfasts:

Windmill Breakfast

We were lucky in that we had bright and sunny (but cold) days; I think further into spring and summer it would be spectacular, and I’m looking forward to returning.


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  1. Hey Laura, the windmill and location look stunning. It must be lovely to get out of the city! Also I think a complete break from the internet/ phone reception can be lovely! My friend and I went to Santorini, Greece for a week last summer and although she brought her ipad and we had free wifi, I said “Nope screw the internet, I’m all yours this week!” and it was lovely! lol


    • It was wonderful, yes, though we didn’t do as much reading as we’d hoped because we were so lucky with the weather we went on 4-5 hour walks every day instead. I need to post my photos on instagram at some point. There’s never enough time! x

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