As well as this blog, I also write for other publications, listed below. If you want to speak to me in any more detail about my writing, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.




The Word Game, an interview with Sabrina Mahfouz (Exeunt magazine)

Breeders, an interview with Ben Ockrent (Polari magazine)

Going to Extremes, an interview with Chris Thompson (Exeunt magazine)


Crossing the Thin Line, an interview with Heather Peace (Polari magazine)

The Architect, an interview with Wallis Bird (Polari magazine)

Against Cultural Norms, an interview with CN Lester (Polari magazine)

Spoken Word:

Speaking Words, an interview with Nick Field (Polari magazine)

Speaking Words, an interview with Sophia Blackwell (Polari magazine)

Speaking Words, an interview with Keith Jarrett (Polari magazine)

Speaking Words, an interview with Walter Thomas Beck III (Polari magazine)

Queer’Say, an interview with Rosie Wilby (Beige magazine)


In Conversation, an interview with Catherine Hall (Polari magazine)

The Impact of War, an interview with Catherine Hall (Standard Issue magazine)


How To Be A Nineties Woman, an interview with Rosie Wilby (Reprobait)



LGBT History Month 2015 (Standard Issue)

Watching the Detectives (Standard Issue)

Sexual Fluidity (Reprobait)

Where are the Bisexuals? (Reprobait)

Straight Expectations (Reprobait)

Feminism and the Fringe (Exeunt magazine)

Speaking Words (Polari magazine)

Diary: The Hay Festival (Litro)

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Polari magazine)



Reviews for Exeunt theatre magazine can be found here.

Reviews for Broadway Baby during the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival are here.

Theatre reviews for Litro magazine are listed here.

LGBT-focussed theatre reviews for Polari magazine are here.


Radio Appearances


Reviewing The Testament of Mary at the Barbican on Out in South London (19 minutes in).

Reviewing Concussion (film) on Out in South London (at the beginning).

Interviewing Andrew Solomon about his book Far From The Tree on Out in South London.

Reviewing Breeders at the St James theatre on Out in South London (at the beginning).



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